Abstracts for oral communications or posters should be written in English, not exceeding ONE page including title, authors and affiliations in the format of the following template: Template.doc
We invite authors to contribute original research articles for a presentation during CMES2018 in the following potential topics that include, but are not limited to :

  • Applied Mathematics,Financial Mathematics,
    Control Theory,
    Game Theory
    Modeling of Bio-systems for Optimization and Control,
    Linear and Nonlinear programming and Dynamics,
    Artificial Intelligence,
    Geometry and Its Applications,
    Analysis and Its Applications,
    Statistics and Its Applications,
    Mathematics Education and Its Applications,
    Algebra and Its Applications.
    Engineering Sciences
    Computer Science
    Information technology
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Ordinary, Partial, Stochastic and Delay Differential Equations
    Chaos and Dynamical Systems
    Numerical methods and scientific programming
    Fractional Calculus and Applications,
    Cryptography and its applications
    Computational Fluids mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfers.
    Economics and Econometric Studies
    Topology and Its Application


  • All topics related to applied mathematics and engineering studies are in the scope of the conference.
    Conference language can be made English or Turkish for Oral presentation. But, abstract submission is only English.
    This abstract template must be only 1 page.
    The abstract should be submitted in the form of *.DOCX file along with *.PDF version.
    The text used in the abstract must be “Times New Roman 12 Punto”.