The 8th International Conference on Computational Mathematics and Engineering Sciences / 17 – 19 May. 2024, Şanlıurfa – Türkiye

Social Program

The half-day excursion will be organised to make a complete loop as it comes to terminating at the day’s end. Excursion loops emphasising different thematic orientations, in the context of the commons, around the city of Şanlıurfa and its diverse hinterland, have been designed to offer exciting scenic landscapes through different conference themes with the aim of stimulating animated discussions among the participants.

An event not to be missed!

The Conference Gala Dinner will take place on staurday 19th May. We have planned the Conference Gala Dinner so that participants get to have a truly traditional Turkish culture experience. They will taste Turkish dishes and other specialties. A famous Turkish singer Senol CACA and his band will also attend the Conference Gala Dinner, so participants will have the chance to hear nice Turkish music and dance! A truly unique experience not to be missed!

Şenol ÇAÇA