The 8th International Conference on Computational Mathematics and Engineering Sciences / 17 – 19 May. 2024, Şanlıurfa – Türkiye


We invite contributors to contribute submit their original papers for a presentation during CMES-2024 in the following potential topics that include, but are not limited to :

Control Theory,
Game Theory,
Applied Mathematics,
Financial Mathematics,
Artificial Intelligence,
Education Sciences,
Engineering Sciences,
Computer Science,
Information Technology,
Geometry and Its Applications,
Analysis and Its Applications,
Statistics and Its Applications,
Algebra and Its Applications,
Topology and Its Application,
Chaos and Dynamical Systems,
Cryptography and its Applications,
Fractional Calculus and Applications,
Economics and Econometric Studies,
Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Defense industry and applications,
Mathematical Biology,
Computational Epidemiology,
Mathematical Chemistry,
Mathematics Education and Its Applications,
Numerical Methods and Scientific Programming,
Linearand Nonlinear programming and Dynamics,
Modeling of Bio-systems for Optimization and Control,
Ordinary, Partial, Stochastic and Delay Differential Equations,
Computational Fluids mechanics. Heat and Mass Transfers,
Earth Sciences,
Applied Sciences

Abstracts will be evaluated by scientific committee of the conference and at least two scientific referees will be assigned for each paper.

Abstracts for oral communications or posters should be written in English, in the format of the following template: